Leaflet - Introduction to maps

I’m back on track. This time I would like to talk with you about maps. How easy we can work with maps nowadays. To be able to use maps on my website I will be using: Leaflet - JavaScript library for interactive maps Maps tiles Ruby on Rails (not required but you need to have at least some html file) So first things first. What are they maps tiles? In simple words they are small square images, which show a map. They are served in packages. So on our website we see many of them. How we can get tiles?...

Rails Girls Łódź (16 – 17 June 2016)

I’m really a Rails Girls freak! After a weekend with Rails Girls Warsaw, I went to the next workshops. This time, I was in Łódź on the third edition of Rails Girls Łódź. I loved the atmosphere of this workshop. It is always a pleasure for me to share my knowledge and to see that other women want to try new things.

Rails Girls Warsaw (11 - 12 June 2016)

It is time to start the new Rails Girls season! My first Rails Girls event, this year, was in Warsaw. Warsaw is a very special place for me. Here I was a mentor for a first time. Here I fell in love with Rails Girls even more. It was in 2014. At that time, I was very nervous to be a mentor. After workshops I wrote down all my thoughts about that. You can read them in article Rails Girls welcome back!. This year organizers, as always, surprised us with a beautiful place for a workshop and with new ideas...

Working remote

Working remote

For me, there are two types of remote work. Synchronic and asynchronic remote work. Synchronic remote work is work from different places but in the same time. For example I’m working from 9am to 5pm in Europe time zone. Second one - asynchronic remote work is when you are working from different places and in different times. So, it is possible to don’t have chance to talk with anyone through all day work.

Git Rebase

When you are starting your adventure with git, it’s hard to know everything from the beginning. This is normal that you do small steps and discover new features on the way. Today, I have a very nice git feature for you. It will allow you to have a better structure and order of your commits. This is very useful especially when you work in a team. I will show you how to use git rebase. This is the third article in the git series, so if you want to know more about basics of git usage, go to my previous...

Git - basics

Git is a very important tool in a programmer toolbox. It is one of the version-control systems. Because git has a lot of very cool and useful features, it is also the most common one. I recommend you start learning git. So, to help you with that challenge, today we’ll focus on the basic git commands. This article is the second one in the git series. Last time, I talked about what is git? and why as programmers we should use it daily. Now, I will talk about: How to create the first git repository? How to configure git locally...

Lambdas in Ruby

I had situation where I worked with many different (but in some way similar) collections in Ruby. This collections had very similar methods to search elements by name. In this particular example I decided to use lambda. Let me show you how this looks like. Code which I get looks like this: @first_collection.select do |activity| activity.name == 'name' end This is not bad code but in others places I had similar things. Collections (I mean arrays) and names were only changes. Like this: @second_collection.select do |activity| activity.name == 'name1' || activity.name == 'name2' end So I decided to use lambda....

Global Game Jam

Date: 2016-01-29 17:00 – 2016-01-31 19:00 Place: Cieszyn, PL I really love doing things connecting in technology. This time I was participant in Global Game Jam in Cieszyn. This was my third time. What is Global Game Jam? This is 48 hours hackathon for people which would like to create games. And each year I’m impressed of ideas, talent and projects realization. You can see more here.