Web Summit

Web Summit adventure

Date: October 30-31, 2013
Place: Dublin, IE

Today I will tell you something about Web Summit. This was the second event I participated in Dublin at the end of October.

How did I get there?

Web Summit announced, they have 50 free tickets for women interested or related with technologies. So I filled and sent the form. A few days later I received an email with congratulations. I won ticket to Web Summit in Dublin.

It was my first such big conference. Over 10 000 participants, 300 speakers, many workshops, 7 lecture halls and many start ups from different sectors and different countries.

When I first came to RDS Main Hall (where Web Summit took place) it was an overwhelming view for me. So many people: exhibitors, speakers and attendees. Everything was happening so fast. I began to look for developer stage and workshops place. I decided to participate in this two things. It was hard for me to find anything in such big place but I succeed. ;]

Developer Stage

On developer stage I met people like:

  • Syd Lawrence from Twilio
  • Fred George from Outpace Systems
  • Joel Spolsky from Stack Exchange
  • PJ Hagerty from Engine Yard
  • David Coallier from Engine Yard
  • Sam Lessin from Facebook
  • Adam Cheyer from Siri
  • and many more…

The speaches on the developer stage were very absorbing. Time was passing there very fast. I learned something about design, usability, backend, communication and many more things.


I was a part of workshops concerning HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It was good for me to came back to essentials (foundations). To remind my the basics. My last workshop gave me completely new knowledge. It was about creating Start Ups. I liked it so much that I decided to create my own start up – a simple application. At the moment I make it only for fun and to learn new things. I would also like to share knowledge gained during this project with you in one of the next articles.

Start Up

After speeches and workshops I had some free time. So I decided to visit the Main Hall and look at people presenting their start ups. They have amazing ideas. Those ideas also motivated me to create interesting things on my own. I believe that we can achieve much more.


My trip to Dublin was great. I saw many beautiful places, different lifestyle and different culture. I learned many things about people, IT, development and of course about life. If you have a chance to go somewhere to see new pleaces simply go there. Take your chance and learn as much as possible.

Take care and see you soon.

Web Summit memories