Rails Girls Warsaw (11 - 12 June 2016)

Video story from Rails Girls Warsaw

It is time to start the new Rails Girls season! My first Rails Girls event, this year, was in Warsaw. Warsaw is a very special place for me. Here I was a mentor for a first time. Here I fell in love with Rails Girls even more. It was in 2014. At that time, I was very nervous to be a mentor. After workshops I wrote down all my thoughts about that. You can read them in article Rails Girls welcome back!. This year organizers, as always, surprised us with a beautiful place for a workshop and with new ideas for spending time together. We had some stretching time during the workshops, live coding music presentation and we also participated in the silent disco event. This was a pleasure for me, to be a mentor on Warsaw Rails Girls’ workshops! Next week I’m going to Łódź for next Rails Girls Łódź event. So, see you next time! Bye!