Rails Girls Cieszyn (15 – 16 October 2016)

Rails Girls Cieszyn - video story

Since 2013, when I found the Rails Girls event in Poznań, I have always supported this initiative. In this year I was already on Rails Girls Warsaw, Rails Girls Łódź and Rails Girls Poznań as a mentor. Nowadays it was time for Cieszyn!

Rails Girls Cieszyn was for me a very special event. First of all, I organized it. Second, it was my first international Rails Girls event ever. Third, we prepared this event in the Castle of Cieszyn.

Cieszyn is a beautiful, calm and peaceful place in Poland close to border of Czech Republic. This city is even more unique. The whole city is divided into two parts by Olza River. One part belongs to Poland and second part belongs to the Czech Republic. Cieszyn has also its place in Polish history. On the Castle Hill you can find Saint Nicholas rotunda church. First half of it was built in the 11th century and the second half was built in the 15th century. Right now this church is immortalized on Polish paper money (20 PLN).

Rails Girls Cieszyn event was available for all girls and women from Poland and Czech Republic. The youngest participant was 16 years old and the oldest one was 59 years old. This was really a multi-language workshop because we talked in Polish, Czech and English at the same time (of course in small groups). Our mentors came from Poland and Czech Republic. To feel even more an atmosphere of the city, we prepared a city tour for our participants, mentors and guests. We tried to take care of all the small details like chocolate spoons, stickers or hand drawing bags made of materials. From which we are very proud of. We had great talks, guests and even better participants. We also did middle party on Saturday evening and have a great time with all who join our Rail Girls Cieszyn event.

Check out some photos from Rails Girls Cieszyn and watch our video.

Memories of Rails Girls Cieszyn