Web Summit Lisbon 2016

Web Summit adventure in Lisbon

It took me some time from last post. So many things happened: events, workshops, travel. But I’m back! Today I would like to share my thoughts about Web Summit. This is big conference (exhibition for startups). I was on this conference once in Dublin and now in Lisbon. I decided to come because as a Woman in Tech I got free ticket. Maybe because of that I should not talk about what I don’t like. On the other hand I think when no one talks about disadvantage, conference can not be better next time.

  1. Too big for me

    In Ruby community we have quote: If you want to build big application, just don’t do that. I think the same is for conference. This conference was too big. A lot of people in metro waiting for transportation, a lot of people in queue waiting first day to get inside. Queues everywhere: for food, conference stages, startups, toilets and so on.

  2. Do I really have matter?

    There were so many people, that I was thinking if someone like me is important for this conference. For sure conference still will take a place without me. No one would notice that I’m not there. So my questions are: Do I really have matter? My opinion, my presence, my comfort? Or am I just next person on this big event?

  3. Is it for developer?

    I’m a tech woman and I went to Web Summit to learn something new. I don’t have startup, I’m not a business person. I’m just a developer. From my perspective there were a lot of inspiring talks and panels but 20 minutes it’s not enough to go deeper in topic. So this was disappointed for me. Most of my time I spent walking around startups area. Talking with people. This was much more interesting and much more technical then talks and panels on stages. Don’t understand me wrong. There were a lot of very good talks but from developer perspective there were too low number of technical staff. For me this was more exhibition of startups then conference. I think this is place for business more then for developers.

  4. Tech women perspective

    I really appreciate that I had chance to get free ticket for this conference. Organizers did a lot to bring women to Web Summit. I think this is very nice that organizers see problem and try to do something to resolve it. But… Simple thing T-shirt. Even I got T-shirt size S for man it is too big so I only can sleep in this T-shirt. Next thing completely separate space for women with Women in Tech on ticket. For me this was misunderstanding. Why only Woman in Tech could go there? Why other women cannot? And why men which support us in Tech can’t join also? I know a lot of great men which help and support me and others women. I think they deserve for respect. In my opinion women don’t need special place in IT. I would like to be treat the same like men. This lounge looks for me more like zoo or aquarium than same safe palce to relax. And I really don’t like this idea. We should be in the same place where men are, to show good example to others. To show that in IT we are normal developers like men.


I appreciate that I could come to Web Summit and be participant on this conference. But if I would buy the ticket as a developer I would be disappointed. I really love small conference where you feel like in home, where everyone (almost everyone) know each other’s. Where everyone care for each others. The best thing of Web Summit was amazing people which I met there. I’m so happy that even on that huge event I could meet so wonderful people from different countries. That’s all what I would like to say. I hope the next edition will be better.