Regular expressions - what can go wrong?

Someone said: If you have a problem, use regular expressions. You will have two problems. That’s true. At least in some cases. As a programmer, we should be responsible for our code. We should think twice about all possible usage of our code. And also, do tests for it ;]. Today I would like to share an example with using regular expressions, but without enough preparation and testing. I would like to show what was wrong and how I fixed it. This is a case study. I will not introduce the concept of regular expressions, but I will show you,...

How to use custom time in browser to manual tests for app?

I don’t like changing my setups when they work fine. This time, I wanted to test some functionality in the project in different time zones. I found a way to do that independently to my existing setups. I work in a project where we use some external API to get weather data and display them to the user. There was a problem with missing values in a specific range of time. For example, when you asked about data for October you would get one day less. So you do not get 31th of October. If you asked about September, everything...

Ruby Refactoring step by step - part 2

Last time in the article Ruby Refactoring step by step - part 1 we went through the very procedural code in one class to a more object oriented approach. This time we will continue our journey through refactoring. We will cover small object instead of one big class and we will use composition to plug behavior into an object. Let’s start!

Ruby Refactoring step by step - part 1

It was a long break from the last technical article. During that time I was trying many different things. You can look here: Be More - my lifestyle blog in Polish, Woman on Rails YouTube channel and my travel Vimeo channel. It was a great time to discover what I like to do and what not. But back to the topic. I prepared this article for a long time. I can say even too long. I started in 2015 and now you will see the results. Let’s get started. Refactoring is one of my favorite topics. I love to clean...

Wroclove.rb 2018 - Quick overview

Last time when I was a participant in Wroclove.rb it was, I think, 2-3 years ago. Back then, I was sad about topics of this conference. Almost every presentation was telling us that Rails and Ruby are dead. But no one had any solution for this problem. I know that, this was an alert for us to wake up and take care of our community and framework, but still, it was sad to hear that. This year was completely different. People came with some ideas of what we can do with our code’s architecture. And what we can improve with...

Good preparation for interview

For some time I do interviews. I’m not an HR person. I’m developer. I do technical interviews for my company. My responsibility is to check how experienced is the person which apply for a job. How this person fit to our team from technical and personal point of view. This process is not about being perfect. It’s more about being honest. Finally team and candidate should be able to work together. Today I would like to tell a little bit about what I expect from person to interview. I would like to show my point of view on this kind...

Sublime Text Editor

Sublime Text Editor

I think almost every programmer has his own favorite text editor. Some people like Vim, some people like Notepad++ and I love Sublime Text. There are lots of useful shortcuts, snippets, and plugins that allow me, in a fast and easy way, to work with code or simple text.

Quick overview Ruby each_with_object method

I worked in last a few days with each_with_object method. Every time when I would like to use some method in Ruby I try read documentation one more time and I look on some example of usage. This time I went through APIdock and I noticed that in theirs documentation is missing one very nice example of usage each_with_object method. I tried to add this missing part there, but without success. In meantime when I’m waiting for message from APIdock support I decided to write short note here about this.