Global Game Jam Cieszyn 2019

Global Game Jam is an annual game hackathon. It took a place in many countries at the same time all over the world. People like designers, sound creators, programmers sit together to create games in 48h. The main purpose of this game jam is to innovate, experiment and collaborate. Each year, participants get a new theme for the game. They try to use this theme as inspiration for game storyline. After a whole weekend of work the hackathon participants put the results of their work to Global Game Jam website. ‘Til now I attend in three game jams in Cieszyn....

Global Game Jam

Date: 2016-01-29 17:00 – 2016-01-31 19:00 Place: Cieszyn, PL I really love doing things connecting in technology. This time I was participant in Global Game Jam in Cieszyn. This was my third time. What is Global Game Jam? This is 48 hours hackathon for people which would like to create games. And each year I’m impressed of ideas, talent and projects realization. You can see more here.

Hack4Good Cracow

Date: 2014-02-07 19:00 – 2014-02-09 21:00 Place: Cracow, PL This was second Hack4Good for me. Previous was in Dublin and this was in Krakow, Poland. I was there with my 3 friends from work (Ula, Alek, Grzesiu) and one from Rails Girls Poznan (Przemek). We created one team and worked in Rails of course ;] On this hackaton I felt much more comfortable, then before. Great weight had presence of my friends. It was very important to me to had them close. Thanks guys and girls for that! In my opinion this Hack4Good had for me two more good sites...



Date: October 29, 2013 Place: Dublin, IE I had the pleasure to be a part of two events in Dublin this week: Hack4good and Web Summit. Today I will focus on the first. What is Hack4good? It’s one day of coding in good cause. Programmers from different countries come to one place (this time in Dublin) and create applications for community. For example: How to give homeless people food to survive? How to fulfill the dreams of dying children? How to follow people carrier path after graduation? and many, many more. How did it looked like? It was a competition....