Global Game Jam Cieszyn 2019

How to prepare fully functional game in 48h?

Global Game Jam is an annual game hackathon. It took a place in many countries at the same time all over the world. People like designers, sound creators, programmers sit together to create games in 48h. The main purpose of this game jam is to innovate, experiment and collaborate. Each year, participants get a new theme for the game. They try to use this theme as inspiration for game storyline. After a whole weekend of work the hackathon participants put the results of their work to Global Game Jam website. ‘Til now I attend in three game jams in Cieszyn. If you are interested in, check out my article about Global Game Jam Cieszyn in 2016 or my Global Game Jam profile.

Global Game Jam in Cieszyn is one of my favorite hackathons. I love this coding initiative. You really feel that you create something functional and working here. This is the true school of MVP (Minimum Viable Product). You have only 48h to prepare a working product. Like a proof of a concept. It is even better when you have the possibility to work with true graphic designers. You see the progress of the work and it looks gorgeous. This year, theme for Global Game Jam was “What home means to you”. My team was thinking about animals, which have their own home always with them, like snails. So our game story was simple but cute. Kamil, the snail, is trying to help Lucy, his girlfriend, to find her lost shell. He needs to go through a dangerous adventure to bring back lost shell his love. You can play this game here. Let me know if you like it.

Finally, I have for you two videos from this year Global Game Jam in Cieszyn. One is showing my team working on our Snailed it game. Second one is more about whole Cieszyn hackathon. Check out those videos! I’m still impressed about games, which were created during this game jam. Thanks for being here and see you next time!