Hack4Good Cracow

Hask4Good Poland

Date: 2014-02-07 19:00 – 2014-02-09 21:00
Place: Cracow, PL

This was second Hack4Good for me. Previous was in Dublin and this was in Krakow, Poland. I was there with my 3 friends from work (Ula, Alek, Grzesiu) and one from Rails Girls Poznan (Przemek). We created one team and worked in Rails of course ;]

On this hackaton I felt much more comfortable, then before. Great weight had presence of my friends. It was very important to me to had them close. Thanks guys and girls for that!

In my opinion this Hack4Good had for me two more good sites

  1. We had 48 hours to create an application.

    As turn out later, it was enough time to create worked project. We almost finished application and we want to continue it in future.

  2. We had face to face contact with people who need this application.

    For me contact was the most important think on this hackaton. I could ask and get answer at once to understood needs. I felt and still feel that they need this application for real. This was so motivated for me and I think for rest of my team. We had strength to work even without a sleep.

So, What we have done?

We created application for non-profit organization Mam Marzenie. This organization help children which are seriously seek to come true theirs dreams. They do great job but they have all data on paper. This situation make difficult communication between departments. We spend a lot of time with them to understand theirs problem. After many hours of discussion we went to ours desks and we had idea how to help them. We understood that they need application to manage theirs sponsors, volunteers and dream making.

So, we create git repo, put tasks on geekli.st and start coding. One by one we took tasks and did functionality. We worked hard but this was very satisfying. After all we showed our application jury and rest of hacker groups. We took 5st place but this wasn’t important. We won something else, something special:

  • We worked together as a team
  • We solved problems
  • We spend nice time with other hacker
  • We had a lot of fun
  • We experienced new thinks
  • We met new people
  • And we had great goal to achieve

This was successful weekend. I went through new big adventure. Usually I’m back-end developer but on this weekend I worked on design. It was so fun. New look on project creation. I think this kind of events are great. Many people meet in one place and have the same goal: Do something good for other people. We received lot of positive energy. Great thanks organizator for this event. I loved it! See you next time.