How to focus as a programmer?

How to focus as a programmer?

In times of full connections and online life, we have a problem staying focused. We need to focus, to feel the flow. One of the most important feelings in our work time. Flow is the mental state in which we do some activity fully immersed and engaged in the process of the activity. It’s a very positive and energized feeling, which brings us a lot of satisfaction. But how can we have flow in a world full of distractions? Now, since a lot of us work from home, the situation can be even more challenging. This time, I would like...

Occupational burnout syndrome

Today very important, health related topic. Did you ever feel exhaustion, negativity, cynicism, or lack of energy related to your job for a long period of time? Or maybe you have headaches, problems with sleeping, chest pain, a feeling of breathlessness, or anger. All symptoms can be related to occupational burnout syndrome. Read this article to get more information about burnout syndrome before it will affect your health, relations, and life.

How to become a programmer?

I’ve been working in the programming world since 2011. Before then, I spent about 6 years searching my own life path. When I was starting this adventure, my goal was completely different. I wanted to be a math teacher. During those 6 years, in most cases, I didn’t know what I was doing. Where should I spent my time? On what should I focus? I studied hard, but to be honest, I didn’t know where all this will end. Especially when some of my plans failed. I put more details about my journey in about me section, check it out...

Good preparation for interview

For some time I do interviews. I’m not an HR person. I’m developer. I do technical interviews for my company. My responsibility is to check how experienced is the person which apply for a job. How this person fit to our team from technical and personal point of view. This process is not about being perfect. It’s more about being honest. Finally team and candidate should be able to work together. Today I would like to tell a little bit about what I expect from person to interview. I would like to show my point of view on this kind...

Working remote

Working remote

For me, there are two types of remote work. Synchronic and asynchronic remote work. Synchronic remote work is work from different places but in the same time. For example I’m working from 9am to 5pm in Europe time zone. Second one - asynchronic remote work is when you are working from different places and in different times. So, it is possible to don’t have chance to talk with anyone through all day work.

Be yourself – How deal with low self-confidence

Be who you are, say what you feel, those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind. Today I would write about very important for me topic. About self-confidence. I don’t know if you have some problems with it but I do. I went through this many times. And I went back to this topic because I change project at my work. About 4 weeks ago I started work on new project (for me of course, because rest of the team work on this project about 2 years). Project has very complex logic. On the beginning I felt like...