4Developers Wroclaw - 2019

My impression after 4Developers in Wroclaw

In 2019 I had an opportunity to be a speaker and participant on three local 4Developers events. In Krakow and in Katowice I was presenting my two speeches. I wrote about them an article Speaker at 4Developers 2019. One of my presentations you can watch on YouTube: Are you an Egoistic Programmer? - Step by step refactoring [PL]. The last event was in Wroclaw. This time I was a participant. It was a nice feeling to be there only as a participant. I could focus on conference its self without stressing out. How in few words I can describe 4Developers in Wroclaw? Presentations, discussion with people and a little bit of fun. 

In most cases when I go to the conference I really like to focus on very technical stuff. This time it was different. I was surprised, but I really enjoy soft skills path. First, I went there only for one presentation. It was Piotr Stawirej presentation “Talk to me nicely - how to communicate your ideas and speed up your career” about good communication in teams. This presentation had a very specific intro. Piotr started his talk from showing how aggressive way of talking can block our communication. Then he also showed us the possibilities how to improve our communication in teams. I really liked his presentation and maybe because of a little bit curiosity, I went to couple more presentations on this soft skills path. 

Coffee break at 4Developers Wrocław 2019 Welcome presentation on 4Developers Wroclaw Participants listen to one of the presentations
Presentation of Piotr Stawirej about good communication in teams Presentation of Anita Przybył about the impostor syndrome
The opening presentation slide about the imposter syndrome Me (Agnieszka) doing photo of sketch Sketch about pretending of being well
4Developers Wroclaw

My favorite one was about the impostor syndrome by Anita Przybył - “Syndrom oszusta, czyli hamulec rozwoju.”. Our confidence and believing in our self is very important. Stress and perfectionism related with impostor syndrome can have a big impact on our lives. The same as burnout syndrome. I think it is good to speak about those topics, even if we think that they are hard. Maybe we should talk even more about those topics because they are so hard and people afraid to admit that this is problematic for them. 

I enjoyed the 4Deveropers event in Wroclaw, even it was very different then my experiences with other conferences. Normally when I go to the conference there is one or maybe two paths strongly focused on some technology. For example, like Wroclove.rb where we focus on Ruby. Here on 4Developers event we had 6 paths from very different technologies and not only, because there were also soft skills presentations. We can say that it was a mixture of many different topics. Sometimes was even harder to decide which presentation to choose when two of them were at the same time. Well, that’s life…

Call for papers - 4Developers 2020

In the conferences the best things is to talk with people who attend the event. You can talk with speakers and also participants. This is a very good way to exchange the knowledge and explore new points of view on specific topics. And when we talk about exchanging the knowledge, till the middle of February last CFT (Call For Papers) for the main 4Developers conference in Warsaw in year 2020. CFT is the time when you can send your presentations propositions to the organizers of the conference. This time 4Developers organizers encourage participants to give a presentation in English. If you want to share your knowledge and passion with others programmer, then I recommend to you to go to 4Developers 2020 - Call For Papers for more information. In case you need more incentive, check out some photos from 4Developers 2019 in Wroclaw. I hope you like them. See you, bye!