4Developers 2019

Me as a speaker at 4Developers

Normally I’m quite active in Rails Girls community. I’m a mentor and an organizer, and also a speaker at Rails Girls workshops. In this year is a little bit different. I spend less time supporting Rails Girls events, but I challenged myself in a different way. I started sending my proposals to the conferences. I wanted to be a speaker at more than just local community groups or Rails Girls events.

Finally, my candidature was accepted on both local editions of conferences: 4Developers in Cracow and 4Developers in Katowice. I have never been on 4Developers conference, but I hope, it will be a great experience for me. I will have an honor to say two presentations at this events. Here they are.

Are you an Egoistic Programmer? - Step by step refactoring

4Developers Conf in Cracow

In this presentation I would like to focus on small things, which every programmer can do to improve readability of source code. I want to show, that small things matter in architecture of our applications. At first, we should think about this small improvement, before we will start even thinking about big things like DDD or CQRS. I will show you some examples where this small improvement made a difference.

Quality Assurance - Based on TDD example

4Developers Conf in Katowice

Second presentation is about creating an application using TDD. We often talk how important quality is during a development process. TDD is one of these things, we can do to improve the quality. It can be our protection. Our safeguard, when we talk about bugs. Especially when your programming language has dynamic typing like Ruby and you don’t have compiler. ;]

I’m very excited about this two presentations. If you like those topics or you are interested in this conference, I have 20% discount for tickets at 4Developers in Cracow. You just need to put a discount code RZADZE_W_KRAKOWIE during your purchase process.

I hope we will meet on 4Developers conference!

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