Wroclove.rb 2019

Short summary of Wroclove.rb conference in 2019

In my opinion, conferences are one of the most awesome ways to get to know programming community. You can meet new people or someone you already know, discovers something new or just get more knowledge about some topics. Even if you cannot be a part of the conference, I really recommend you to check out the videos after conferences. However, there will be one missing part - a community factor. I felt like that, when I was starting my programming adventure. As if I was alone. Conferences, workshops and hackathons gave me that feeling of being a part of something bigger. So, this is why I recommend you to participate in tech conferences. One of them is Wroclove.rb - Ruby conference in Wroclaw.

I cannot imagine, how fast time is going. Recently it was March 2018 and I went to Wroclove.rb, and now the next edition of this conference is over. If you would like to read or see my summary from last year, check out my article Wroclove.rb 2018 - Quick overview. This year my overview will look a little bit different. I decided to be more focused on people and presentations. So, there won’t be a video. I will share my thoughts about my favourite presentations and some photos. Let’s start!

For a while, I’ve been really interested in developing process itself. How to do this in a good way? How to not have communication problems? How to share information in fast and effective way? What is important in a project? How to take care of quality? Because of that, even though this wasn’t technical presentation, I liked it so much. This was “Development with Axioms” by Martin Gamsjaeger. Martin talked about improvements which his team did during remote work. They standardize names of commits, order of operations during the development process and they did lots of automation.

"Development with Axioms" - Martin Gamsjaeger

Second presentation, I liked, was “The TruffleRuby Compilation Pipeline” by Chris Seaton. For some time, in Ruby community, we often say: “Ruby is slow”. Here you are! New implementation of the Ruby language, with high performance. Additionally, I always was interested in how this whole programming magic works inside. How does the computer know how to interpret programming language commands? Thanks to this presentation I know more about this topic.

"The TruffleRuby Compilation Pipeline" - Chris Seaton

I also loved kitten ;] “How to hijack, proxy and smuggle sockets with Rack/Ruby” - Dávid Halász

"How to hijack, proxy and smuggle sockets with Rack/Ruby" - Dávid Halász

In the end, there is also nice to see how people do something creative with the Ruby programming language like music.

Big thanks to all organizers for Wroclove.rb this year. I hope we will see you next year too! If you were on Wroclove.rb, share your thoughts with me in the comments below. Thank you and bye!