Rails Girls Warsaw (19 - 20 October 2019)

Photo story from Rails Girls Warsaw

There it is! The Rails Girls Warsaw 2019 edition! Rails Girls workshops in Warsaw are one of my favorites in Poland. They are always close to my heart. First time I was a mentor at Rails Girls Warsaw in 2014. Now I go around Poland to share my programming knowledge. This time in Warsaw.

Rails Girls Warsaw bags Agnieszka is explaining programming to her participants
Rails Girls Warsaw sweets and stickers Agnieszka go out from an ambulance in the DocPlanner office Mentor Alek is trying to fit to the crime scene
Mentors get photos of theirs participants

This was my 4th time as a mentor on Rails Girls Warsaw workshops. Each time, when I go back to Warsaw, I realize myself how long journey I took from my first Rails Girls event till now. It was for me one big learning process. I get lots of experience in programming and also teaching others.

This year Rails Girls Warsaw were in a very interesting place, in DocPlanner office. When you came to main hole you will see the ambulance. I can say that this ambulance is impressive. Right after that you feel the atmosphere of this place. And you want to do something good. Like learning Ruby and Rails ;]

We had two days of workshops. The goal was to show, explain and interest participants in programming. First, we focus on understanding the Internet and preparing a website in HTML. Then we talk about Ruby as a programming language. At the end, we build the first web application in Ruby on Rails framework. During workshops were also some lighting talks slots. My favorite one was about failures in IT. It is good to know, that we all are learning on the daily basis. Even if we have more experience, we still make some mistakes. That’s normal, we don’t know everything.

Group photo during lighting talks on Rails Girls Warsaw Mentors breakfast on Rails Girls Warsaw Participants of Rails Girls listen to lighting talks
Mentor Agnieszka with participants on Rails Girls Warsaw event - her group: Ania & Gosia
Work in progess during Rails Girls workshops in Warsaw Emplty room after first day of workshops, a poster asking for chocolate
Rails Girls Warsaw memories by Anks

I’m very proud of my workshop group. Ania and Gosia are wonderful women. They are open and friendly. I loved to work with them. They asked so many questions. This is always for me the sign that someone is interested in the topic and want to understand it. And of course I could focus on what was important to them. I was seeing that they really want to learn and understand the creation of web applications. That was a pleasure to work with them.

This was a lovely time, even we had a lot of problems with the environment. We overcame them and had a quality time. Lot of new knowledge for the participants, but also a fun. I really happy about this Rails Girls event in Warsaw. I back home tired, but also satisfy. Next time I will mentoring on the Rails Girls Wroclaw early in January 2020. If you ever confider to be a part of Rails Girls event here in Poland or in another country, I can really recommend it to you. See you next time!