What is git?

If you are interested in IT or you are already a programmer, you should hear the name Git at least a couple of times. Maybe even more. This tool is common to many teams no matter what programming language they use. This is the base and it is good to know git. Today, I would like to start a short series about Git basics. On the Internet, you can find many articles and tutorials about how to use git. I would focus more on what is the purpose of using git and how it works. In this article, I will...

Git - basics

Git is a very important tool in a programmer toolbox. It is one of the version-control systems. Because git has a lot of very cool and useful features, it is also the most common one. I recommend you start learning git. So, to help you with that challenge, today we’ll focus on the basic git commands. This article is the second one in the git series. Last time, I talked about what is git? and why as programmers we should use it daily. Now, I will talk about: How to create the first git repository? How to configure git locally...

Git Rebase

When you are starting your adventure with git, it’s hard to know everything from the beginning. This is normal that you do small steps and discover new features on the way. Today, I have a very nice git feature for you. It will allow you to have a better structure and order of your commits. This is very useful especially when you work in a team. I will show you how to use git rebase. This is the third article in the git series, so if you want to know more about basics of git usage, go to my previous...

How change parent branch in git?

A few days ago, I created new branch. I did some commits there, but after a while I noticed, that I created this new branch from the wrong parent branch. I created it from some feature branch not from the master. What I should do in this situation? I need to merge my current branch before I will merge this other feature branch and I don’t want to add not needed commits to mater branch. How can I handle it? Well, here is the time for git.

Git rebase --onto an overview

Git rebase --onto an overview

In article How to change parent branch in git? I talked quickly about using git rebase --onto in a case when you want to replace the current parent branch. But git rebase --onto is more than just replacing parent branch. We can do much more with git rebase --onto help. It’s a good topic to take a look closely. To use it freely first, you need to understand it.