Local editions of 4Developers 2019

How be a part of local event of 4Developers?

In one of my last articles I have written about my new challenge. To be a speaker at a conference. This happened two times at local editions of 4Developers in Krakow and in Katowice. It was for me interesting experience, especially that this audience doesn’t know Ruby as programming language too well. I had a chance to share my knowledge about Ruby and good programming practices with them. In the near future there are going to be two more local editions of 4Developers. And because of that I have a surprise for you which is prepared together with 4Developers organizers. I have for you a discount for these two events and one free ticket which you can win. But let’s start from the beginning.

4Developers is a conference where the main edition took a place in April in Warsaw this year (2019). This is an event which brings over 2,000 participants interested in the IT world to one place. It doesn’t matter if you are working in Python, JavaScript, PHP or any other technology. There were 14 paths related to different topics like cloud computing, data science, mobile or even soft skills. After this one big event there are smaller local editions, which have similar structure. Different topics on different paths, but each local event has its own atmosphere. Krakow and Katowice already had their local events. You can find more about them in my previous article about 4Developers. Now we are waiting for Wroclaw 5th of November and Poznan 18th of November. The end of this IT marathon will be in Gdansk on 27th of November where will take a place 4Developers OFFLINE will take a place.

4Developers discount

As I mention in the beginning I had good news for you. I have a discount for both local editions: 4Developers Wroclaw and 4Developer Poznan. You just need to put a discount code WOMAN_ON_RAILS during your purchase process and you will get 15% discount.

Discount code WOMAN_ON_RAILS for 4Developers conference in Wroclaw and Poznan
Discount code for 4Developers conference in Wroclaw and Poznan

How to win a free ticket for 4Developers in Poznan?

Do you want even more good news? You can win a free ticket for the Poznan edition of the 4Developers conference. The conference is on 18th of November in Novotel & ibis Poznan Hotel. You can find more details about the event here. To take a part in this contest you need to:

  1. Like Woman on Rails page on Facebook
  2. Answer the question: Why do you want to go to 4Developers in Poznan? in the Polish comments section for Lokalne edycje konferencji 4Developers 2019 article. With a minimum of 512 characters.

If you want to take a part of this contest, please start your comment with the hashtag #4Dev2019.

You can send your answers untill 5th of November 2019. After that I will choose one person who will get a ticket for 4Developers in Poznan. The name of the winner will be posted at the end of this article and then I will contact the winner personally.

If you are going to 4Developers anyway I hope we can meet there. At least in Wroclaw edition. See you soon! And good luck!

The winner is: Szymon Czembor. Congratulations!