Rails Girls Szczecin (22 – 23 August 2015)

Rails Girls Szczecin - video relation

This time I won’t be writing about technical things. This time I’d like to share with you something very special for me. Something that brings me lot of joy and happiness.

Last weekend I’ve spent as a mentor on Rails Girls in Szczecin. It was my third time. I always have great memories with this place. People are so nice and helpful. The workshop was prepared perfectly. The atmosphere was so positive. If you like to be a part of Rails Girls workshop I truly recommend Szczecin. It’s a great place to start your programming adventure.

Ok, I was on many Rails Girls in Poland so why am I talking especially about this workshop. For me, it was special time. On this workshop I did my first amateur video. If you wonder how it looks like you can watch this video here.

If you have some comments or questions please leave them below. See you next time.