Rails Girls Bielsko-Biała (7 March 2020)

Short story of Rails Girls Bielsko-Biała

We had many Rails Girls workshops around Poland. The most known are in Warsaw, Poznan, and of course in Silesia ;). A few months ago, for the first time, I was a mentor on Rails Girls Bielsko-Biała. This was also the first time when workshops in Bielsko-Biała take a place. Let me show you a short report from these workshops.

Rails Girls Bielsko-Biała was different than most of the Rails Girls workshops. First, this was a one day workshop. We started around 9 AM and we were coding till 6 PM. Of course with some breaks and time for networking. But still, this was a very productive day for everyone. Second, this was the last workshop before lockdown. A week later, everyone started to stay at home. Social distancing was and still is our daily life. And last but not least, the structure. Normally on Rails Girls workshops, we work in small independent groups. On Rails Girls Bielsko-Biała the was one path for everyone. We worked together on one Ruby on Rails application. I mean each person did the same application on her/his laptop. As a mentor, we didn’t have a specific group, but we try to help everyone.

As always, this was an amazing time for me. I cloud share my knowledge and my experience with participants not only as a mentor but also as a speaker. OK, below you can find some raw pictures from Rails Girls Bielsko-Biała workshops. I hope you like them!

One of programming sessions during Rails Grils Bielsko Biała workshops Rails Girls Bielsko Biała mentors team
Agnieszka tells a stroy of Woman on Rails Participants of Rails Grils Bielsko Biała workshops Participants are working on theirs first Rails application on Rails Girls Bielsko Biała workshops
Agnieszka is speaking her Woman on Rails presentation
Women working on Eniac Agnieszka is telling her programming story Women working as programmers in Ruby world