Guake terminal

Guake - Useful terminal

This is first episode about programs which I use. I think, finally it will be few this kind entries. To day I would like to start talking about Guake.

But first what is Guake?

It is drop-down terminal for Linux with GNOME Desktop Environment. When you use KDE Desktop Environment, you can have Yakuake terminal. It is similar to Guake.

OK but I don’t know which Linux use GNOME?

By default GNOME use system such as Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu or Mint.

Guake is simple tool. After download and install Guake, you can start this tool. Then whenever you press F12 key, you will see terminal on the top of yours screen. Press F12 key again terminal will be gone.

This terminal is very useful. It is available for all the time. When you press the key, it will have always focus on his self. You can open many carts on Guake. If you like of course. I work on Guake with 3 or 4 carts. First for server, second for Ruby console, third for git and last one for guard (tests).

I like this tool. Specially when I have it configured to start after run system. It is simple and fast. And the most important to my feature is that I can use Guake without mouse. I use only keyboard. It is very important to me when I use my laptop where I have only touchpad.

If you like use Guake without mouse like I do. I give you Guake keyboard shortcuts:

  • F12 – show/hide Guake
  • F11 – full screen Guake
  • F2 – change name of cart
  • Ctrl + Shift + T – open new cart
  • Ctrl + Shift + W – close current cart
  • Ctrl + Shift + Q – close Guake
  • Ctrl + Pg Up/Pg Dn – change current cart to left/right site cart
  • Ctrl + Shift + C – copy selected text from console
  • Ctrl + Shift + V – paste selected text to console
  • Shift + Home/End – show begin/end of console buffer
  • Shift + Pg Up/Pg Dn – show up/down console screen