CoderDojo workshops

CoderDojo one rule - be cool

Ones a week I’m teaching others at CoderDojo workshops. CoderDojo is a place for young people (not only young by age but also young by mind) which like to learn Computer Science. When I say Computer Science I mean: programming, game and website creation, graphic design, 3D printing, animations, video creation, robots and many many more. Only yours imagination can limit your skills connected to Computer. On this classes is only one rule: Just be cool! CoderDojo is places where everyone feel good and can learn new things.

BTW we are looking for new mentors. All people which like this CoderDojo idea are welcome to come. You don’t have to know all this IT staff. All you need is to be positive and want to learn new skill and teach others. I encourage everyone to try. I truly recommend to see what this young people can do. It is amazing. They are even smarter then we are. They have their own passion and want to share this with others. And this is beautiful.

If you like to see how classes look like just come to us or watch our video.

If you are interested in CoderDojo workshop you can also find more information on or