Who is really me?
Just me


My name is Agnieszka. In day to day work I'm Ruby on Rails programmer, but when you look at me only through this one thing I'm really boring person. When you go closer and look at all what I'm doing and what I'm interested in. Your feeling can be different.

I'm really friendly person, well... maybe a little shy but still friendly. I love teaching others and share my knowledge. So this is the reason why this website exist. And this is the reason why I'm Rails Girls and CoderDojo mentor and also why I teach math.

But I'm not only mentor. I'm also person which constantly learn. I mean programming, personal skills and also growth as a person.

I know this is strange but my work is my hobby. But my work is one of my hobbies (not only one). I enjoy also dancing, reading, making video, taking picture and of course traveling. This all things makes me happy day by day.

On this website I would like to share with you small pieces of my life. And maybe someone of you will get inspired or will use my tips.

I hope you will enjoy reading and watching. See you!